Flagpole Photographers April 2022 Newsletter

Hi Everyone

  • Visitors are welcome to attend all meetings!
  • Attendees have the option of watching the virtual competition in-person at the Newtown Senior Center or online. All other meetings are virtual only.

Upcoming activities

  1. Apr 5, Tuesday at 7:00 pmFlagpole Photo Selection for Interclub Competition Against Greater Bridgeport and Milford – members only
  2. Apr 7, Thursday at 7:30 pm Mentor Night. At Mentor Night, experienced club members help others make their photos better. Anyone can also submit questions and members can upload photos before the meeting.
  3. Apr 14, Thursday at 7:15 pmChasing Light by Mark Farb program. Learn the impact that lenses have on depth of focus, bokeh (out of focus background), angle of view …
  4. Apr 27, Thursday at 7:00 pmCompetition with “Shadows or Silhouettes” Assigned Subject and Monthly Challenge “Flowers”. Attend online or in-person.
  5. May 3, Tuesday at 7:30 pmInterclub Competition Against Greater Bridgeport and Milford Camera Clubs. Cheer for Flagpole in this head-to-head competition in 25 categories.

In the news

Congratulations to our Competition with “Weathering the Weather” Assigned Subject and Monthly Challenge “Long Exposure” – Mar 24, 2022 competition winners!

Snowy owl in it’s element
Katie SlawitschekSnowy owl in it’s element
The Eye
Mark AshboltThe Eye
Lift Off
Michelle BabyakLift Off
Flower in Ruffles
Toni EarnshawFlower in Ruffles
The Three Amigos
Toni EarnshawThe Three Amigos
1957 Chevy
Adam Bowditch1957 Chevy