Founded in 1985, the Flagpole Photographers Camera Club mission is to enable members to share their photos and expertise, to learn and grow in their photography, and to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow photographers. We come from diverse backgrounds, with photographic skills ranging from beginners to professional photographers.

Our meetings are free and open to the public, no membership is needed. If you would like to enter your photographs into our competitions or exhibits, you need to pay the membership fee. Dues are $35 per person or $55 for a family membership payable in September. The club year begins on September 1 and ends on August 31. Dues shall be reduced to $25 for individual or $40 for family membership for those joining at or after the March competition meeting. Students may join for free by sending us your information using our contact form. See How to join and pay for details.

Our monthly meetings

  • The first Thursday is our Mentor Night where club members work with fellow members to improve their skills.
  • The second Thursday is our Program Night where external or internal speakers deliver photography workshops. We strive to make these hands-on activities.
  • The fourth Thursday is our Competition Night where external judges score and comment on all photos.

Our competition season runs annually from September through June, with a few fun activities in the summer. In the Spring, we hold an annual competition and exhibit at the C.H. Booth Library when “photos of the year” awards are designated. In the Fall, we have a “Newtown and Beyond” exhibit at the Newtown Municipal Center. Other activities involve field trips and community service projects.

Flagpole Photographers also enters photos in the regional New England Camera Club Council competitions. NECCC encompasses about 70 camera clubs in the New England states. Photographers have the opportunity to attend the NECCC annual three-day photography conference each July at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. Flagpole Photographers is also a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

Executive Committee

  • President: Robyn Abrams
  • Vice President: Darcey O’Donoghue
  • Treasurer: Tom Curran
  • Secretary: Jessica Leffelman
  • Web Developer: Chane Cullens
  • NECCC Rep, PSA Rep and Photo Bank: Sandy Schill
  • Programs: Melissa Bilotta & Darrell Harrington
  • Exhibits: Rhonda Cullens
  • Judges: David Ober
  • Member: Katie Slawitschek



The Flagpole Photographers Camera Club is a non-profit organization. Any person interested in pursuing photography as an art, hobby or by sharing of knowledge and experience shall be admitted to membership upon payment of dues.


Dues are $35 per person or $55 for a family membership payable at the first meeting each September. The club year begins on September 1 and ends on August 31.

Dues shall be reduced to $25 for individual or $40 for family membership for those joining at or after the March competition meeting. Students may join at no charge.

You may pay by check or online. When using the online payment process your payment information (PayPal, Venmo, Debit or Credit Card) is only visible to PayPal. Flagpole Photographers does not have access to, or store, any of your payment card information. To pay by check, request the treasurer’s mailing address using our contact form.


Regular meeting of the club shall be held on the fourth Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted starting at 7:30 PM. Regular meetings are held September through June. No regular meetings are scheduled in July or August.


By submitting photos to any club-sponsored competition or exhibition, members grant Flagpole Photographers Camera Club permission to use said photos, without acknowledgment, compensation, or further explicit consent, however the Club deems appropriate. This may include submission to other photo club sponsored competitions, and/or use in any internal or external promotional or educational materials. Members retain exclusive copyright to their photos. In addition, posed or candid photos taken at club functions may be used, at the Club’s discretion, to publicize Club activities.



The President conducts the club and Executive Committee meetings and administers all club affairs. They appoint all representatives, committees and chairpersons. The President may serve a maximum of 3 consecutive years in this office. In addition to the Treasurer, the President shall have signatory rights on any club banking account(s).


The Vice-President performs all duties of the President in the event of there absence or inability to continue in office. The Vice-President oversees the operation of all aspects of the monthly competitions, including the registration of prints, announcement of photo titles during the judging sessions, recording of scores, and return of the members’ prints.


The Treasurer collects members’ dues, maintains records of all dues received, has the care and custody of all funds of the club, deposits said funds in the name of the club in such bank as the Executive Committee may designate, signs all checks, drafts, notes, and order of payment of money, and submits a financial statement to the Executive Committee at the end of each club season. They maintain and update records containing the contact information of all members.


The Secretary records and disseminates club information and notices. This may include writing articles and press releases for publication in the local newspaper and the club website announcing upcoming meetings and events, as well as, reporting on club activities and results.

Web Developer

The Web Developer is responsible for the setup, maintenance, and ongoing updating of the club website at FlagpolePhotgraphers.com


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Web Developer and others as the President designates. Executive Committee meetings are called by the President or by the agreement of 3 or more members of said committee. The presence of two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Executive Committee constitutes a quorum for the conduct of business. Any motion of two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of those present is required for passage. The Committee advises the President in matters of operation of the activities of the Club. It approves the appointments to all other committees. It is the final authority in the approval of the Club bylaws and the annual program and assigned subjects calendar.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee, appointed by the President, consists of a chairperson and two other members knowledgeable in the aims and operation of the Club, not more than 1 of whom must be a current officer. This committee, after canvassing the membership for persons willing to serve, shall present nominations to the members, with a call for further nomination from the floor, at the June meeting.


The NECCC Representative serves as the liaison between Flagpole Photographers Camera Club and the New England Camera Club Council. They choose and submit members’ photos to the NECCC competitions and distributes awards at the club meetings.

The PSA Representative serves as the liaison between Flagpole Photographers Camera Club and the Photographic Society of America. They choose and submit members’ photos to the PSA competitions, distributes awards at the club meetings, and coordinate club participation in various PSA activities.

Standing Committees

Judges for Flagpole Photographers Camera Club Competitions

Procures judges for the monthly club competitions, introduces the judges to the membership prior to the start of the competitions, and explains the numerical range of scoring and other pertinent information to the judges.

Judges for other clubs

Attends to requests from other clubs for judges from Flagpole Photographers Camera Club.


Researches and chooses programs for the club, coordinates with presenters, and introduces the presenters to the club.


Researches possibilities for members to exhibit their photos and organizes all aspects of the exhibits.

Digital Photos

Organizes, manages, and preserves members’ winning digital photos for NECCC, PSA, and other interclub competitions.


Sets up beverages for the monthly meetings and contacts and schedules volunteers to bring in food to the meetings. Responsible for coordination of food and drink for holiday parties and any other special gatherings.

Equipment Manager

Responsible for the timely availability of equipment, set-up, and storage of all equipment necessary for the monthly competitions.

Competition Info

Click to visit our Competition Info page.