Flagpole Photographers February 2021 Newsletter


  • All meetings continue to be virtual. Visitors are welcome to attend all meetings.
  • Free Flagpole Photographers memberships for the rest for 2020-2021 season which ends in June 2021. This free membership allows you to enter photos in our competitions and scavenger hunts. Email Info@FlagpolePhotographers.com requesting a membership.
  • Annual Competition and Exhibit will be virtual this May. Watch for details on FlagpolePhotographers.com

Upcoming activities

  1. February 10, Wednesday 7:00 pm, Flower Photography by Anne Belmont
  2. February 11, Thursday 7:15 pm, “Quarantine Photography” Presentation by Sandy Schill
  3. February 25, Thursday 7:15 pm, Competition with “Tension” Assigned Subject & “Triangles” Monthly Challenge
  4. March 6, Saturday 9:00 am, Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt Starts

In the news

Congratulations to our Competition with “Defying Gravity” Assigned Subject & “More Than One” Monthly Challenge – Jan 28, 2021 competition winners!

View all 18 winning photos

Some pilots defy gravity. Michael Gulian beats it into submission

Darrell HarringtonSome pilots defy gravity. Michael Gulian beats it into submission

Old Brooklyn pier

Darrell HarringtonOld Brooklyn pier

What, Me Worry?

Robyn E. AbramsWhat, Me Worry?


Sue ThompsonSolitude

Unconditional Love
Robyn E. AbramsUnconditional Love

Melissa BilottaBackstage