Photos Galore with Four Models & Four Stations at Character Portraits Program

Our recent Character Portraits program was a whirlwind of cameras clicking! Over 20 photographers experimented with lighting and posing models. A few highlights:

  • Dancers were changing costumes for dynamic new shots.
  • A dance instructor on-hand for posing ideas.
  • A father-and-son firefighter team adding unique posing opportunities.
  • Fellow photographers offering brainstorming and inspiration for posing and backgrounds.

Thanks to Sandy, Melissa, Jeanne (dancers), David (firefighters), Darrell, Chane, and Rhonda for making this program possible. A special shoutout to Sandy for crafting the amazing “flaming” red firefighter background and to Erik for providing extra lights and ideas.

Sharing Photos With Models

As a thank you to the models, we’d like you to upload a few of your best photos. This will give the models a lovely memento of their participation.

Program Upload Site: This new upload location supports larger photos to improve the quality of the photos we share with the models.

Let’s show our gratitude to these amazing individuals!

Thanks to Darrell, Jeanne, Rhonda, Sandy, Terence and Chane for their early model photo contributions for this post!

Model Photos From Several Flagpole Members

Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Presentation and Handouts

Photographing Models

Continuous Lighting Station Info