Flagpole Photographers Camera Club Adapts During Pandemic

Flagpole Virtual Meeting and Competition

Things Flagpole Photographers did when the pandemic hit

  1. We switched to online virtual meetings for our monthly competitions. We used to have competition categories of Digital Assigned Subject and Digital Open A and B, and Print Assigned Subject, Print Open Color, and Print Monochrome. We changed those categories to Digital Assigned Subject, Digital Open Color A & B, and Digital Monochrome A & B.
  2. In lieu of our regular program night, the club participated in Matt Kloskowski’s free Virtual Program on “How to Edit Your Photos Like a Pro in Lightroom and Photoshop.”
  3. Early on we offered Daily Photo Challenges on our club’s Facebook page with a topic posted each morning and then members took their photos that day and posted them in the comments.
  4. We offered two “Virtual Scavenger Hunts” which were a lot of fun. (*See details below.)
  5. We normally have our end of year print competition held at our local library. However, since the library is also closed, we put together a “Virtual Exhibit” showcasing a winning photo from each of the 34 different members who placed in this year’s monthly competitions. These photos were also used to create a video set to music. The “Virtual Exhibit” was featured on both the club’s website as well as that of the C.H. Booth Library.
  6. We continued to send out our monthly Newsletters to keep members informed of what’s happening with the club, NECCC, and other things of interest.
  7. We changed our club rules of requiring all competition photos to have been taken in the previous 24 months, extending that to 36 months for next year. This recognizes members aren’t getting out as much to take photos, but may have more time to look back through and edit their photos they’ve taken in the last few years.

*Click for full “Virtual Scavenger Hunt” details. Basically, 10 categories were drawn from a hat live on our club’s Facebook page. Photographers had 6 hours to take, edit, and upload one photo per category. Then all participants and other club members voted for their favorite photo in each category to determine winners. The link above shows all of the creative entries and gives another link to the “Winners Gallery”.

Things the club is looking at doing this fall if we still can’t meet

  1. Continue with virtual meetings and competitions.
  2. Offer all our club programs virtually.
  3. Offer additional Virtual Scavenger Hunts.
  4. Look at offering other industry programs and webinars that might be of interest to members.
  5. Look at the possibility of continuing our matching up of member “Leaders” with “Learners” in a socially distant or virtual way to encourage one-on-one assistance and growth.

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