Flagpole Competition Against Greater Bridgeport and Milford Camera Clubs

Get ready for some fun!

Who’s ready for an interclub competition? Get ready to dig through the archives or shoot new photos to enter into 25 different categories. The club needs many members to participate in order to meet the criteria for the interclub competition. We will have many opportunities to show our boisterous spirit at this fun filled event!

Interclub Competition Rules

Each club will enter 1 digital image in each of the 25 categories. No individual may have more than two photos in the competition. Thus, at least 13 photographers represent each team. A single judge will select the “better” photo of the two in each category. The club who wins the most categories will receive a certificate for winning the competition.

Entering Your Photos

Enter up to two photos in each category, in as many or few categories as you’d like by 10 pm on Friday, April 1st.

  • Photos must be taken by you.
  • Photos can be taken at any time, not restricted to the last 3 years (different from our typical competitions).
  • Feel free to enter previous competition winners.
  • Enter photos in all 25 categories or as many as you’d like to.
  • Submit a max of 2 photos per category.  
  • If needed, one time only, the same photo may be entered into two categories.
  • Technical photo specifics are the same as our normal competitions (JPG, sRGB, 1920×1080 pixels). Add a border if you want. 
  • Photos can be color or monochrome. 

Flagpole Photo Selection

Update – Apr 2, Saturday – Fan Favorite Voting Opens. Choose your favorite photos.

On April 5, Flagpole members will have a virtual meeting to choose photos. This allows all of us to help select which photos represent our club in the interclub competition. Interclub rules impose a 2 photo limit from any individual. If a member wins more than two categories, we’ll discuss which of their photos to use in the interclub competition. We will then decide which photo will represent us in the other categories they had won.    


  1. Action Figure or Toys
  2. After Dark
  3. Bokeh
  4. Cityscape
  5. Crayons or Colored Pencils
  6. Double Exposure
  7. Floral
  8. Food
  9. Lighthouse
  10. Low Perspective
  11. Pan or Zoom Motion
  12. Panoramic
  13. Portrait
  14. Recreate a Famous Painting
  15. Reflection
  16. Rust
  17. Scissors
  18. Shadow
  19. Shoreline
  20. Smoke
  21. Splash
  22. Stairways
  23. Transportation
  24. Waterfalls
  25. Window

Feb 1 – Upload Opens

Start uploading in any or all of the 25 categories.

Apr 1, Friday – Upload Closes

At 10 pm.

Apr 2, Saturday – Fan Favorite Voting Opens

Choose your favorite photos.

Apr 5, Tuesday – Photo Selection Meeting

A virtual meeting to choose photos. More info

Apr 7, Thursday – Winning Selection Viewing for Members Only

View our 25 entries for the competition.

May 3, Tuesday – Competition with Greater Bridgeport and Milford

It’s a virtual party! More info

Ours to win!