Managing the Flagpole website

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Creating User Accounts

  • Username must be “First<space>Last”, e.g. Joe Smith
  • First Name, Last Name – of course, must be consistent with Username
  • Nickname should be the same as Username
  • Display name publicly as is up to the user, recommendation is to use First Name
  • E-mail: required
  • Website, AIM, Yahoo IM, Jabber /Google Talk – generally left empty
  • Biographical Info – generally left empty, maybe we should use this

Configuring User Accounts

After you create an account, here are some options to make the usage better

  • Login as the new user
  • Go to ../wp-admin and turn off most of the dashboard clutter
  • ….

Creating User Galleries

Created a new page, the page title must be Username (see Creating User Accounts section). This is required so that the user, and only the user, can add photographs to their personal gallery.

The steps:

  1. Dashboard -> Gallery -> Manage Galleries
    • Add new gallery with name Username
  2. Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New
    • Create Page with title Username
    • Attach NextGEN gallery to post (icon on right side of top toolbar row)
    • Select a display type: NextGEN Pro Horizontal Filmstrip
    • What would you like to display?: Sources: Galleries, Galleries: Username, Slug: <empty>
    • Customize the display settings: use the default settings
    • Sort or Exclude Images: Sort By: Image ID, Order By: Descending
      This places the newest pictures as the first photographs to show
    • Click the Save button
    • Restrict this content: None
    • Hide this Feed?: <unchecked>
    • Add Music To The Page: <not using at this time>
    • Comments: Page Comments Are: Off
    • Publish: Update
    • Page Attributes: Parent: Galleries, Tempate: Default Template
    • Permalink: /galleries/FirstLast/
    • Parent – set to Galleries
  3. Dashboard -> Pages -> All Pages
    • Edit Galleries page to link to the new gallery
    • Add the new list item for the person. This is ordered list of galleries, manually sorted by the First and Last name of the the users. 
    • The list item will be something like:<li><a href=”/galleries/first-last”>First Last</a></li>
      Where “first” and “last” are lowercase, and “First” and “Last” are the same as Username

Email Accounts

Info@flagpolephotograhers – used for general club announcements and people trying to contact the club. Outside viewpoint “public” email address.

Administrator@flagpolephotograhers – used for internal website administration – forwards to current president