How to send email to club members

Here are some thoughts and some required steps. These directions assume you are using the Email Users WordPress extension (aka plugin).

Step 1 – decide who you are sending the email to

Email Users let you choose if you are sending to individual users, some users or all users. If you are sending to all users. The easiest path is to send using the Send to Groups(s) and select the groups you want. Individuals are only in one group, for example group Subscriber does not include and individuals that are in group Editor. Here are the groups we have:

  1. Editor (to include all board members)
  2. Finance (special role for finance board member)
  3. Subscriber (to include normal paying members)
  4. MailingList (interested people that are not members)
  5. Administrator (only the Admin and Info virtual individuals)

Example of sending an email to only Subscribers and Mailing List (not board members, not admin, not finance):

  • Dashboard -> Email Users -> Send to Groups(s)
  • Mail format: HTML
  • Sender: does not matter, will be changed to when sent
  • Recipients:  “Editor” and “Subscriber” groups

Example of sending an email to everyone (most common usage)

  • Like above, except choose every group that is available.

Step 2 – subject line

Always start the subject line with ‘Flagpole Photographers’ to let the reader know it is directed to them. Avoid using “FPP” since a lot of members will not know what it means.

Step 3 – write the email

Inside Email Users there is a built in editor you can use. Or you can write the email in your favorite tool then paste the message into the Email Users tool. When it makes sense, provide links to additional content on this website.

Step 4 – end of email signature

Always end the email with your full name and email contact info. That is, be clear who the email is from and how to get in contact with you. The emails always appear to be from so it is extra important to include who the email is really from.

Step 5 – send the email

Click on Send Email