How to add competition results

Upload Print files to the same folder as digital


  1. You know the results
  2. Digital files files exist in a folder – of course!
  3. Print winners have uploaded their photographs

Step 1 – Create the empty Post (aka page)

  • Visit the most recent Post to use as a template
  • Enter Edit mode
  • Copy all of this Post
  • Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New
    • <Year> <Month in 3 letters> Competition Results
    • Paste in the template page
    • Delete all of the thumbnails, text, gallery – leaving an formatted, yet mostly empty page
  • Set the Post publication date to the date of the competition
  • Publish/update

Step 2 – Add the winners

  • Edit the page to list the 12 new winning photographs

Step 3 – Verify the files are OK

  • Use Dashboard -> Media
  • Search for
  • The Digital competition files and the Print winner files are stored in the same web folder. The folder name is public_html/wp-content/uploads/competition/<Year>-<Month>
    • The web software automatically creates smaller versions, maintaining the aspect ratio:
      • 125×125 – thumbnails in competition pages
      • 1024×1024 – used in Gallery and good for low-res competitions
      • 1920×1080 – used in high-res competitions
  • Correct the naming of any files with non-normal characters (should not be needed!)
    • No quote or back quote marks: ’ ” “ ” ‘
    • No em dashes (long dashes): –
    • Change .jpeg files to .jpg
    • Use the “Rename now” functionality. Note, 99% of the time you need to click on the “modify the title” link to fix the issues

Step 4 – Add thumbnails to Competition Results Post

  • For each thumbnail
    • Click the Add Media button
    • Search for the photograph
    • Insert 175×175 thumbnail, link to nothing

Step 5 – Insert a gallery at the bottom of the page

  • Wait until Step 4 is finished!
  • NextGEN Gallery  -> Add Gallery
    • Upload images
    • In Adobe Bridge view Albums\Photography Club\Website\Competition\<Year>=<Month>
      • Edit -> Find … Filename | contains | 1024 or 768Find 9_4_2015 , 9_03_56 PM Bridge
      • Select All (CTRL-a), then Label -> Select, or type”6″ key, “Red” label should appear on all photos
      • Close search, view all photos
      • Visually search for groups of photos that do not have the Red label. Hint, try using a window that has 4 thumbnails across. Generally this means the uploaded resolution is less than 1024. Add missing files use Label -> Select
      • Drag and drop these to the Add Files area in Add Gallery / Images
      • Upload files
  • Insert Gallery into page
    • Click Add Gallery Toolbar button
    • Add it – match style to previous competition