Adding and editing calendar events

This is a tutorial on adding and edition calendar events on the website.

Editing an existing event


  • Click LOG IN on the top menu bar
  • This returns you to the home page

View editing Dashboard

  • Click on LOG IN -> Editing Dashboard sub-menu

List event to edit

  • At the top center of the Dashboard window is the Events menu
  • Click on Events -> Edit Events
  • Edit Events menu

Open event editor

  • Visually find the event you want to edit
  • Move your mouse over the event and click on Edit
  • Edit Events open editor

 Edit event

  • There are multiple places to edit. Scroll around the choose logical settings.


Standard event settings for Flagpole Photographers

Sections on the right hand side

Title – normally the date should not be in the event title

Body – be descriptive

Restrict this content – normally this is set to None to be visible to all viewers

The Events Calendar

Event time & data – don’t forget the am/pm settings

Event location details – if a saved venue exist, please use it, always select Show Google Map and Show Google Map Link

Event organizer details – always use Flagpole Photographers for our events. If we start adding some NECCC or other club events then create a new organizer.

Event website – always handy data to have, e.g.

Event cost – enter zero for free events

Excerpt – not used yet, maybe we should start using it

Custom fields – not used

Discussion – currently leave both un-selected

Comments – currently leave empty

Author – most likely this should be you

Sections on the right hand side

Email Users – handy option when you want to send email about the changes you have made

Publish – until you Update or Publish it nobody can see it 🙂

Tags – not used it, use Event Categories instead

Event Categories – generally you choose exactly one!

Event Options – not used, level both un-selected

Featured Image – not used