Round Table Program Night

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, the annual Round Table discussion was held at Flagpole Photographers. The kick-off theme for the night was how to jazz up photos that need help. Charlie Batchelder presented a short demonstration on making brushes to add clouds to photos without replacing the sky.

Following the demonstration there was a wide ranging discussion on cloud and atmospheric phenomena and various Photoshop and Lightroom techniques by members, including additional informal hands on Photoshop and Lightroom demonstrations from Rhonda Cullens, Darrell Harrington, and Tom Peterson.

There was additional discussion on other topics, too, such as how to retain the”glow” of certain pictures when they are printed and which of the local and online commercial photo printing companies are good to use.

Overall, it was a very congenial evening featuring an honest and helpful exchange of ideas and knowledge that was a great example of what has earned Flagpole’s reputation of being a place where photographers help photographers.