Portrait Taking Tips and Tricks by Sandy Schill

On Thursday evening, April 12th, Sandy Schill presented a program at Flagpole Photographers on Portrait Taking Tips and Tricks. Sandy is a professional portrait photographer specializing in new-born and family portraiture and is also a member of Flagpole Photographers.

Her program focused on the fundamentals and essentials of good portrait taking technique making it quite accessible to newer photographers looking to learn how to take informal portraits at family events and the like. However, the scope of her material was quite broad offering useful information to photographers of all levels of experience. She addressed the best lens focal lengths for portraiture, how to use reflectors, diffusers, and off camera flash to enhance lighting, how to pose individuals and groups, clothing suggestions, and much, much more.

She emphasized several times her personal belief in the importance of portrait taking at all levels to record the personalities, events, relationships and history of families for posterity.

Hands on portrait taking opportunities were offered after her presentation using basic gear that is affordable and easy to acquire.

It was truly an excellent program that seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Thank you, Sandy!

Photos by Charlie Batchelder

Presentation, including photos in presentation, by Sandy Schill