Night over Northeast by Mark Bowie

Thursday, March 6th is our program “Night over Northeast” by Mark Bowie.


Mark Bowie is a professional nature photographer and writer. His work has been published internationally in books and magazines, on calendars, posters, and greeting cards, and in advertising media. His first two coffee table books, Adirondack Waters: Spirit of the Mountains and In Stoddard’s Footsteps: The Adirondacks Then & Now, have become landmark regional publications. He followed those with The Adirondacks: In Celebration of the Seasons. Each won the Adirondack Center for Writing’s Photography Book of the Year Award. He has also authored two extensive e-books on night photography: The Light of Midnight: Photographing the Landscape at Night and After Midnight: Night Photography by Example. Mark is a staff instructor for the Adirondack Photography Institute and leads digital and landscape photography workshops and tours, including night shooting workshops. For information, please visit

His presentation is titled Night Over the Northeast. Mark Bowie has undertaken an ambitious project to photograph New York State and New England at night.  He will share the thought processes and techniques used to produce spectacular nocturnal images of the region’s mountains, woods, waters, cities, villages and coasts.  He will cover: equipment considerations, determining nighttime exposures, focusing in the dark, “painting” with artificial light, photographing fireworks and lightning, long exposures, multiple exposures, timed intervals and time lapse sequences.  He will discuss shooting exposures only seconds long to eight hours, with tips on photographing the landscape in relation to the stars, moon, planets, meteors and other celestial objects.  He will also cover innovative night image processing techniques.  Experience the awe and wonder of the Great Northeast under the Light of Midnight.

Please support this event as this is a paid presenter, we would like to have a full room.  It will be held in the Alexandria Room of the Edmond Town Hall beginning at 7:30pm.  If anyone would like to bring a dessert or drink please email me what you can bring. Thanks


Night photography on Holcombe Hill

Night photography on Holcombe Hill