Know Your Camera Workshop

Free Photography Class Saw Great Attendance

Flagpole Photographer’s free event “Know Your Camera” on Thursday, February 11, attracted many camera novices and photography enthusiasts. About 40 people attended the event, including 20 guests. Club member and photo enthusiast, Linda Lubinsky, started off the evening with a short lecture about camera basics that included an overview of ISO, speed, and aperture. She also used some of her personal photos for visual demonstration. After answering a few questions, participants were encouraged to try out the new knowledge at interactive stations or practice different settings with the assistance of other photographers.

There were 3 exposure stations set up around the room. Sandy Schill and Chane Cullens ran the ISO table, Lucy Gainsback handled Aperture and Luise Gleason lead the speed table. With posters and props, participants had a chance to try, practice and learn what the different settings do. They could also ask questions and learn more about their camera.

By the end of the night, three participants joined the club and many more said they will be back for more!

ISO Handout

Photos by: Rhonda Cullens