Hands-on Learning Extravaganza at the Photo Basics Program Night

Following Chane Cullens’ insightful presentation, the room buzzed with anticipation for the hands-on learning portion of the Camera & Photo Basics Night. Many experienced photographers, including Darrell, Sandy, Melissa, Rhonda, and Chane himself, staffed informative stations where participants put their newfound knowledge into practice.

Even first-time attendees quickly engaged, soaking up the new concepts. Several attendees, previously struggling with blurry photos, learned how to adjust focus points, transforming their photos. Others mastered aperture control, deciding how much detail to keep in focus and achieving their desired visual effects. The shutter speed table became a playground, with participants freezing spinning objects or capturing mesmerizing blurs.

Throughout the 90-minute hands-on activity, a key concept emerged: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are partners in a balancing act with light. Understanding this relationship empowered participants to use techniques like small aperture numbers for faster shutter speeds.

The night concluded with a sense of accomplishment, fueled by the joy of hands-on learning. The stations proved an invaluable practice ground, encouraging participants to experiment, ask questions and refine their skills.

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