An Excellent Photo is “Not About Gear”

On January 11, 2019, Chane Cullens, one of the outstanding photographers in the Flagpole Camera Club, gave a comprehensive presentation to club members and visitors on creating a “winning photo” through the use of artistic vision, photographic technique, composition, centers of interest, and lighting. Showing us successful and unsuccessful examples from his own portfolio, he explained how to envision the best photo possible from a scene and then how to determine what needs to be done to create it. He pointed out the many details of photographic technique that are needed to create an outstanding photo, including exposure, depth of focus, shutter speed, and aperture setting. He went on to explain composition where he covered the use of leading lines, the rule of odds, the rule of thirds, motion space, and negative space. Once again, he used examples of his own work to illustrate these concepts. He ended his presentation by showing us how to create one or more centers of interest in a photograph using lighting and leading lines. Chane, who is also responsible for the Club’s superb website, has posted the slides from his entire program on the Flagpole Photographers’ website ( and it is well worth your time to take a look at them. We thank Chane for sharing his expertise and the secrets of his photographic success with us by putting together this excellent program.

Photos by Charlie Batchelder

View as PDF – Elements – Composition, Lighting, Technique & Interest.pdf