Landscape Photography by Darrell Harrington

On October 11th, Darrell Harrington gave an excellent presentation on landscape photography to the Flagpole Photographers camera club. Darrell covered the full range of the topic from the different types of crampons one can use on boots for various weather conditions to the importance of showering with your tripod after shooting in saltwater conditions. Because the members of the Flagpole club had registered interest in learning more about photographing water in a recent survey, Darrell deliberately spent time focusing on how he personally goes about making landscape images that include waterfalls, lakes, and seashores. This included the use of ND filters to create the special effect of blurred water and cloud motion and the use of polarizer filters to reduce glare, enrich colors, and bring out detail. Darrell also spent time explaining the details of creating multiple shot panoramic images and the special equipment, such as nodal slide rails, L-brackets, and leveling devices, that help facilitate panorama shooting. Much, much more was also included in this presentation, all of which gave us insight into Darrell’s extraordinary passion for landscape photography and the skill that is always reflected in his impressive images.

Photography by Micheline Williams


Program presentation

Printable: Landscape Photography