Scavenger Hunt was Fun and Photos Mixed Together

Our first ever Photography Scavenger Hunt was a fun and challenging time. Four teams of 4 descended on Sandy Hook and Newtown to find 20 defined items to photography over 3 hours. Thanks to Sandy Schill for organizing the hunt and to Chane and Rhonda for lunch and opening their house for the teams to select and edit their photos. 

The teams

Scavenger Hunt

1 Pat, Charlie, Marsha, Micheline 
2 Darrell, Margaret, Lexi, Sandy
3 Chane, Rhonda, Darcey, Mark 
4 Elouise, Wendy, Jessica, Dustin 

The final score

  • Tie for 1st – teams #3 and #4
  • 3rd – team 2
  • 4th – team 1

1. A Dog at the Newtown Dog Park

2. A Rooster (The Newtown Symbol)

3. Something Blue in Sandy Hook

4. Water

5. A Person You Don’t Know

6. The CH Booth Library

7. Texture

8. Something Round

9. Flower/s at The Pleasance

10. Close Up/Macro

11. The Comic Book Store

12. A Flag (not the Flagpole on Main Street)

13. Leading Lines

14. Movement

15. Something Old

16. Monochrome

17. The Firehouse

18. In the Candy Aisle

19. A Yellow Car

20. Wild Card – Anything Goes


Scavenger Hunt – Selecting Team Photos
Scavenger Hunt – Selecting Team Photos
Scavenger Hunt – Choosing the winners
Scavenger Hunt – Choosing the winners