2017 Round Table Discussion

Round Table Discussion


On Thursday evening, January 12, 2017, the Flagpole Photographers Camera Club held their annual Camera Questions Round Table discussion. The event was well attended with several new faces present.

Attendees were warmly welcomed by Linda Lubinsky, the Club’s program person, and Mark Ashbolt, the Club’s president. After some sharing of what new camera equipment had been recently acquired by attendees, there was a lively discussion of a full range of topics, including the real world significance of sensor size, how to submit photographs to competitions, where to print photographs for competition, special setups and equipment members have for bird photography, and even the challenges of doing rocket photography.

Eric Landegren shared in some detail research he has recently done on the relationship of different factors, such as shutter speed and strobe power, in stop action photography.

There were certainly many opportunities to learn, share, and build a sense of community at the event and our thanks go to those who planned the event, as well as to those that attended and participated in such a warm, friendly manner.

Photos and article by: Charles Batchelder