Know Your Camera Workshop

Free Photography Class Presented by Camera Club

On Thursday, March 9th, the Flagpole Photographers Camera Club held their annual Know Your Camera workshop. The evening began with a presentation by Linda Lubinsky entitled “Tips to Better Photos by Knowing Your Camera”. Linda explained the fundamental relationships of the three different ways light is managed in a DSLR camera, namely aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. She used a great analogy of a fruit salad to explain how the objective of bringing the right amount of light into an image can be accomplished with various mixes of these three items.  She said the fruit salad will fill the bowl if one chooses enough fruit, but the quality and taste of the fruit salad will be very dependent on the different amounts of particular fruits that are chosen. 


Tips to Better Photos by Knowing Your Camera by Linda Lubinsky


Following the presentation, experienced members of the Flagpole Photographers club guided those that attended through the details of aperture, ISO, and shutter speed with demonstrations and visuals, as well as conversation, discussion, and hands on practice. Although the focus of the evening was on a basic understanding of these three important areas of photography with today’s advanced cameras, the discussion after the presentation was dynamic and very open ended and included anything that was of interest to those who attended. This allowed for interactions that were interesting to everyone and inclusive of all levels of expertise. It was certainly a most enjoyable and educational evening. Thanks to all who made it so.

Maximizing the value of ISO adjustment by Chane Cullens & Mark Ashbolt

Leveraging Shutter Speed by Michelle Babyak and Sandy Schill


Aperture Controls Exposure & Depth of Field by Sue Bonacci and Lucy Gainsback


By the end of the night, two participants joined the club and many more said they will be back for more!

Photos by: Charles Batchelder and Rhonda Cullens