Tri-club Photography Challenge

We are excited to announce our participation in a thrilling tri-club photography competition alongside Charter Oak Photographic Society and the Milford Camera Club on February 6, 2024. The competition will be conducted virtually, where an esteemed judge will carefully select the “best” photo from each category. The club that secures the most wins across the 25 categories will be crowned the ultimate winner.

Here is the much-anticipated list of the 25 categories: Airplanes, Architecture/Architectural Details, Barns/Farm Life, Beach, Birds in Flight, Board Game , Creative Florals, Crosswalk, Curls, High Key, In Connecticut, In My Toolbox, In the Dark, Looking Up, Motion Pan, Patterns, Reflections, Something Fast and Something Slow, Something Old and Something New, Something Sweet, Store Front, The Flagpole, Traffic Lights, Waterfalls, What the Heck?.

We look forward to the challenge and the opportunity to showcase our passion for photography while vying for the top spot in this competition. Melissa has stepped up the level of competition by convincing Charter Oaks to join in as well. Let’s give it our best shot and may the most remarkable moments be forever captured through our lenses!