Rhonda Cullens presents Travel Photography

On April 11, 2019, Rhonda Cullens presented a wonderful program to Flagpole Photographers on travel photography. After looking at definitions of travel photography from different sources, Rhonda went on to demonstrate that travel photography really embraces a wide range of photography genres, including landscape, portrait, street, architectural, and many other kinds of photography. She also pointed out that travel photography can entail flying to the other side of the globe or just walking around the town you live in. Her program covered a wide range of topics related to travel photography, including what to bring, how to get around, how to communicate, how to stay safe, and how to come home with great images! There were numerous examples of the latter throughout her presentation that illustrated her own expertise as a travel photographer that has been to an astonishing number of beautiful, exotic, intriguing places. Thank you, Rhonda, for presenting this great program to our club!

Click to download PDF version of presentation.