Flagpole’s list of great locations to photograph

There are many great locations to photograph, starting with your neighborhood and expanding to the world. There is always the issue of how to share these locations with other people. Verbal, paper, email, online … all have their trade-offs. The other major issue is lack of comments about the place – what time of day, what time of year, from what angle … all of which are key to a photographer. Let’s start collecting and sharing this information.

This article to will help us:

  1. Gather a valuable list of locations
  2. Continuously update the list as we all contribute
  3. Show how to make use of the locations on our devices

First, a huge thanks to longtime member Rick Tyrseck for contributing 500 locations that he has spent years gathering! The featured photo for this page is from using Rick’s information by a first time visitor to Acadia.


NameRegionContributorLocationsClick to download
AcadiaMaineRick Tyrseck56Acadia-POI 
Acadia FoodMaineRick Tyrseck10 Acadia-Food-POI
Cape CodMassachusettsRick Tyrseck 18 Cape-Cod-POI
Covered Bridges Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, VermontRick Tyrseck 34 Covered-Bridges-POI
Farms Connecticut, VermontRick Tyrseck 6 Farms-POI
Flowers Connecticut,  Massachusetts, MaineRick Tyrseck 4Flowers-POI 
Harbors Maine, MassachusettsRick Tyrseck 53 Harbors-POI
Lighthouses Maine, Massachusetts, New HampshireRick Tyrseck 22 Lighthouses-POI
Lodging Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New YorkRick Tyrseck 31 Lodging-POI
Newport Rhode Island Rick Tyrseck 26 Newport-POI
OtherConnecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New YorkRick Tyrseck36Other-POI 
ParksConnecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New YorkRick Tyrseck 47 Parks-POI
Waterfalls Connecticut,  Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, VermontRick Tyrseck 145 Waterfalls-POI
Wineries ConnecticutRick Tyrseck 3Wineries-POI 

How to update/add Locations

Send new lists, additions and changes to info@FlagpolePhotographers.com. Please, only send changes based on places you have actually visited.

How to make use of the locations

Click to download presentation