Flagpole’s Chane Cullens Presented Using a Photo’s Impact to Influence Commenting

On March 31st, Chane presented online to over 400 photographers and photography judges a program on “Using a Photo’s Impact to Influence Commenting”. His presentation was part of an educational miniseries from the New England Camera Club Council to enhance the experience of participating in camera club competitions. The miniseries is free and open to everyone and had participants from around the US and the world, including Australia.

He enjoyed creating the content and had fun delivering it. Presenting is not new to him since during his last 20 years of working he travelled to 34 countries presenting on technology related topics. He has also given many photography presentations at NECCC conferences, photography clubs and for community organizations.

Here are just a few of the many comments he received after his presentation:

  • I’ve been a judge since 2013 and I think I’m pretty good at it, but have certainly learned from your presentation tonight. Very good guidance through all of this.
  • You provided an excellent framework for judges and those who might want to be judges to provide effective, constructive, and positive feedback when commenting.
  • I just watched your presentation on Impact. It was very well presented and extremely informative.
  • It was not only helpful for judging, but can help photographers prepare their images for salons.

If interested, you can view his slides at https://group.neccc.org/using-a-photos-impact-to-influence-commenting-miniseries