Flagpole wins 2015 Connecticut Invitational Competition

Every two years the Connecticut Association of Photographers, CAP, holds a competition among camera clubs in Connecticut. There were fourteen clubs competing this year for the top honor which was judged by members of the Westchester Camera Club. Each club could enter twelve images, all from different members. This year’s winner was the Flagpole Photographers Camera Club with 297 points, edging out the New Haven Camera Club with 294 points for second place.

Flagpole 1st place

Congratulations also to club member Rhonda Cullens for her over all 2nd place award for her photo, Zion National Park, and to fellow member Bob Berthier for his 3rd place finish for his photo Snake River Crossing.

Below are the 12 photos whose combined score secured the top slot for the club.

Winning photographers

Bob Berthier Snake River Crossing 2013-11 C 3 Bob Berthier - Snake River Crossing
Chane Cullens Sunrise at 10,000 feet Chane-Cullens-Sunrise-at-10000-feet
Charles Batchelder Adolescent Male Mallard Duckling 2015-09_PRINT_Charles-Batchelder_Adolescent-Male-Mallard-Duckling
Darrell Harrington Never Forget 2015-03_PRINT_Darrell-Harrington_Never-Forget
Doug Bilinski Elk on Alpine Tundra 2015-09_PRINT_Doug-Bilinski_Elk-on-AlpineTundra
Erik Landegren Portrait Under the Surface 2015-Annual-Show_PRINT_Erik-Landegren_Portrait-under-the-surface
Mark Ashbolt Mystery man 2015-04_DIGITAL_Mark-Ashbolt_Mystery-Man
Rhonda Cullens Zion National Park 2015-11_EVENT_Rhonda-Cullens_Zion-National-Park
Rick Tyrseck Canyon Sunrise 2015-09_PRINT_Rick-Tyrseck_Canyon-Sunrise
Sandy Schill Who Tooted 2014-04_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_2014-04-C-2-Sandy-Schill-Who-Tooted
Sue Bonacci Old Friend 2013-11 B 1 Sue Bonacci - Old Friend

Congratulations to Rhonda and Bob on their individual over all awards!

2015 Individual-Cullens-Flagpole 2015 Individual-Berthier-Flagpole

Congratulations to our winners!

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