Flagpole Photographers Co-Produce “A Tour of Newtown”

The Flagpole Photographers and the Newtown Lions Club have joined together to create “A Tour of Newtown, Connecticut”! This photo filled book highlights some of Newtown’s history, landmarks, events, and services. The $20 purchase price includes a donation to benefit the Charitable Funds of the Newtown Lions Club. Flagpole and Lions Club members will be able to purchase a discounted copy now through June 30, 2018. Thank you to the members of Flagpole Photographers who contributed photos to this project!

Copies will be available to the public at: The Gift Box, 14 Church Hill Road; BD Provisions, 125 S. Main Street; Doggie Wash & Clip, 309 S. Main Street; the C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street; the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) Thrift Shop at 45 Main Street; and The Toy Tree, 14 Church Hill Road.  Flagpole members may contact Rhonda Cullens at Rhonda@CCullens.com to purchase their discounted copy or come to one of our meetings.


  • Co-Producer: Ed Miklaszewski, Newtown Lions Club
  • Co-Producer: Rhonda Cullens, Flagpole Photographers Camera Club
  • Special Assistance: Shannon Hicks, The Newtown Bee
  • Proofreaders: Daniel Cruson and Oscar De Los Santos
  • Special Thanks: Bill Brett, Chane Cullens, Kacey Miklaszewski DillierWalt Schweikert, Ryan Storms, Gordon Williams, and ShopRite
  • Information Contributors:  
    • Newtown Town Historian – Daniel Cruson
    • Newtown Historical Society Gordon Williams

    • Cyrenius H. Booth Library Beryl Harrison

    • Ferris Acres Creamery Terry Ferris

    • Newtown Lions Club

    • Connecticut State Library

    • Newtown Parks & Recreation

    • The Newtown Bee

    • Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company

    • Flagpole Photographers Camera Club

  • Photos by: Mark Ashbolt, Lisa Brown, Chane Cullens, Rhonda CullensAnne Eigen, Lucy Handley, Shannon Hicks, Linda Lubinsky, Ed Miklaszewski, Bruce Walczak, and The Newtown Bee photo archives

  • Paintings by: Jim Chillington, David Merrill, and Virginia Zimmerman