Flagpole Members Meet Up for Some Night Photography

On Wednesday, November 3rd, members of the Flagpole Photographers Camera Club met in the Senior Center parking lot and then set out for a fun evening of night photography.

Thanks to co-president Sandy Schill for organizing the event and bringing some props and lighting as well. The old abandoned brick building across from the Municipal Center made for a great backdrop while members took turns sporting a Fedora hat and posing for their fellow photographers.

After practicing some dramatic outdoor portrait lighting, the group also took advantage of other nearby opportunities including the historic buildings with their cupolas, as well as reflections of them in nearby water puddles.

Some members decided to try their hand at capturing the night sky on the chilly, but clear night filled with stars. Others headed down to Sandy Hook Center to photograph the businesses, some with the streaks of headlights and taillights running through the shot, as well as the river running through town from the footbridge.

A great time was had by all!