Flagpole Members Capture Full Moon Rising at Lighthouse Point

On Monday, March 9, five Flagpole Photographers headed down to West Haven to capture the “Super Worm Moon” rising over Lighthouse Point.

Thanks to Sandy Schill for organizing and posting this pop-up field trip on the club’s Facebook page, to Chane Cullens for driving the group down to the shoreline, and to Rick Tyrseck who guided the group over the phone as to the best place to plant the tripods! Michelle Babyak had her Photo Pills App going on her phone to assist in determining the Moon’s rising direction, Rhonda Cullens captured some group photos, and Jon Gordon gave us some background about the Super Worm Moon.

This was the first “Supermoon” of the year where the full Moon coincides with the point that the Moon’s orbit is the closest to Earth. The other two this year will be on April 7 and May 7. The March full Moon is called the “Worm Moon” because this is the time of year that earthworms and grubs usually emerge from their winter dormancy. Because this March “Worm Moon” was also a “Super Moon,” this one was called a “Super Worm Moon.”

Everyone agreed that whether or not any photos taken turned out or not, just watching the beautiful sight of the huge colorful Moon come up over the lighthouse on a gorgeous evening was worth the outing itself!