Club Takes Field Trip to New York Renaissance Faire

Members and guests of Flagpole Photographers traveled to Tuxedo, New York on Saturday, August 25 for “Heroes & Villains” week at the Renaissance Faire. After several weekends of rain, it proved to be a perfect day for a field trip, sunny and not too hot! For some in the group, it was a first visit to the Faire. Photo opportunities abounded as Elves, Faeries, Vikings, a royal court, and heroic and villainous characters galore graced the paths and enchanted forests of the Faire grounds. There were minstrels, jugglers, knife throwers, birds of prey, glass blowing, and other demonstrations to thrill the group. A highlight was the Royal Joust just after mid-day where, from the V.I.P. seats of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s box, five members of the group cheered on the brave knight clad in green and white. Thanks to their exuberant cheering and fine picture taking, Sir Green Knight won the day! Huzzah for the green and white! Huzzah for some terrific shots captured by all!

Thanks to Robyn for organizing this field trip!

Photo by Michelle Babyak

Photo by Ken Weith

Photo by Ken Weith

Photo by Michelle Babyak

Photo by Michelle Babyak

Photo by Michelle Babyak

Photo by Michelle Babyak

Barbarian Warrior – Photo by Robyn Abrams

Brace For Impact – Photo by Robyn Abrams

Dragon Tail Merchant – Photo by Robyn Abrams

Fire, Whips & Swords – Photo by Robyn Abrams

Glassblowing Demonstration – Photo by Robyn Abrams

Lady of the Royal Court – Photo by Robyn Abrams

Realm of the Faeries – Photo by Robyn Abrams

Sheila the Falconer – Photo by Robyn Abrams

Temperance Belowe Puritan – Photo by Robyn Abrams

The Blacksmith & His Craft – Photo by Robyn Abrams

Fairy at the Faire – Photo by John Kwasnik

The Blue Boar – Photo by John Kwasnik