Celebrating Jim Talarino

It is with a heavy heart that Flagpole Photographers Camera Club announces that Jim Talarino, one of Flagpole’s longest-running members, passed away on September 1, 2018. In his more than 28 years in the club, Jim had worn many different hats holding the office of President, Vice President, and most recently Judging Coordinator and Hospitality Chairman. He was also the first member to receive Flagpole’s “Emeritus Lifetime Membership” award. Even though it became harder for Jim to get around, he still attended meetings regularly and was a verbal member of the board, never letting us forget how things were done in the past. 

Jim was steep with tradition and history of Flagpole and would fondly talk about former members, especially those whom awards of our annual competition are named after. He still enjoyed photographing sunsets, classic cars and digitally manipulating photos of all kinds. The club continues to be a friendly and open place for photographers because of the foundation that he helped build and he will be greatly missed.

A collection of photos by Jim and about Jim