CAP Celebrates Tops in CT 2016

Tops in Connecticut 2016

CAP Tops in CT  – Rhonda Cullens, Chane Cullens, Rick Tyrseck, Sandy Schill

Camera club members Rhonda Cullens, Chane Cullens, Rick Tyrseck, and Sandy Schill, were among the 58 photographers honored by the Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP) on April 29 at the Tops in Connecticut 2016 celebration. Of the 636 images received in December, a panel of three judges selected the top 101 for the presentation and banquet held at the Whitney Center in Hamden, Connecticut. Each photo was presented with a commentary written and read by members of the CAP Executive Committee. Following the presentation, ribbons and plaques were given for the accepted and award winning images. 

Sandy Schill received the Best Creative Award for her photo “Forks” and Rick Tyrseck received the Best Monochrome Award for his photo “Misty Morning.” The group’s other admitted photos included Sandy Schill’s “White Throated Sparrow,” Rick Tyrseck’s “Indiana”, Rhonda Cullens’ “Zion” and Chane Cullens’ “Blowing in the Wind” and “New York City at Night.”

Most Creative – “Forks” by Sandy Shill

“White Throated Sparrow” by Sandy Shill

Best Monochrome – “Misty Morning” by Rick Tyrseck

“Indiana” by Rick Tyrseck

“Zion” by Rhonda Cullens

“Blowing in the Wind” by Chane Cullens

“New York City at Night” by Chane Cullens