Flagpole Photographers January 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year Everyone!

The 10th Annual “Newtown and Beyond” Photography Exhibit by the Flagpole Photographers Camera Club was extremely successful. We had 275 photos by 17 members on display during the months of November and December at the Newtown Municipal Center. In terms of sales, this was our best exhibit yet! We sold 57 photos for a total of $2,275! Once again, photos of Newtown were the best sellers. Even though only 16% of the total photos were of Newtown, those photos represented 65% of the total sales!

Upcoming activities

  1. January 9, Thursday, 7:30 pm – Roundtable Discussion – bring your questions and discussion topics!
  2. January 23, Thursday, 7:15 pm – Competition with “Wet” Assigned Subject

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