Virtual Scavenger Hunt Info

Virtual Scavenger Hunt by Sandy Schill


We are selecting categories that can be done at home and in your neighborhood.

Scavenger Hunt

Limited time event! Learn the categories at the start of the event.


Upload your photos and then everyone “votes” for their favorite to choose the category winners.


Hunt Begins

Categories chosen live on Facebook and emailed to members. Shooting and uploading starts!
9 am – Saturday, July 11

Hunt Ends

No more photos can be uploaded.
3 pm – Saturday, July 11

Voting Begins

Start voting on galleries below.
6 pm – Saturday, July 11

Voting Ends

Time to tally up the votes and calculate the winners!
4 pm – Sunday, July 12

Results Announced

The results will be posted on the club website.
6 pm – Sunday, July 12


There will be 10 categories picked at random Saturday at 9 am. Sandy will be broadcasting the selection as she draws categories from a “hat” live on the club’s Facebook page. Immediately after the drawing, the categories will be posted on this page, the club’s Facebook page and emailed to all members. You do not have to be a Facebook user to participate in this Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Bathroom
  2. Flower
  3. Insect
  4. Leading lines
  5. Metal
  6. Portrait
  7. Put a mask on it
  8. Rule of Thirds
  9. Umbrella
  10. Wild Card – anything goes


  • All photos must be taken on Saturday after 9 am and uploaded before 3 pm
  • You will have 6 hours to take your photos, edit them and upload
  • You do not have to enter photos into every category
  • Only one photo per category
  • Don’t use the same photo for more than one category


Uploading photos is the same as our normal digital competition. Log in, go to the Upload page and choose “Virtual Scavenger Hunt on Jul 11, 2020”. Visit the upload help page for more information.

Important Tips & Tricks

Time Management

Evaluate all categories and start with those that best meet your interest, skills and availability.

Upload As You Go

You can upload each photo separately and then go back and add new photos or change what you uploaded earlier.

Risky Ending

If everyone waits until 2:55 pm to upload all of their photos expect the upload to be running slower than normal and you may not get all of your photos included!

Hint: If the website goes down during the day, wait 15 minutes and try again.

If you are having problems do not wait until the end of the day to get help!

If you have questions about the event, post them on the club’s Facebook page or contact Sandy at If you have problems uploading, call the club web developer, Chane Cullens, at 203-512-8057.

Guest Accounts for Non-members

We have a limited number of guest accounts if anyone wants to participate in the Virtual Scavenger Hunt. Request a guest account using our contact form before July 8th at midnight.


After 6 pm on Saturday, the galleries of submissions by category will be available for voting and displayed below. All Club Members, whether participating in the Scavenger Hunt or not, and all registered Guest Accounts can vote for their favorite photo in each category.

Not your own

Please do not vote for your own photos. If you vote for your own photo the vote will be ignored.

Once per category

Only vote once per category. If you vote for more than one photo in any category, none of your votes in that category will be used.

How to Vote

Log In

Log in. Then come back to this page. Scroll down to the categories section.

Choose Favorite Photo

Find your favorite photo in a category, then click on the top vote button. When finished with a category click on the X in the upper right voting area.


Repeat voting for each category.

Click on any photo thumbnail to view all photos in that category. Winners gallery.

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