2018 Oct Monthly Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Upcoming activities

  1. October 11, 7:15 pm Thursday – “Newtown & Beyond” Exhibit Give photos to Rhonda Cullens. Also, email all titles with exact spelling and punctuation to Rhonda Cullens.com by Thursday night, October 11. 
    Remember to put Exhibit Labels on the bottom center of the photos and mark the center on the back near the top.
  2. October 11, 7:30 pm Thursday – Landscape Photography by Darrell Harrington
  3. October 25, 7:15 pm Thursday – “Abandon” Competition
  4. November 1, 7:30 pm Thursday – NECCC Fall Interclub Print Competition hosted by Flagpole Photographers. Watch the judging of the best photos from New England camera clubs!
  5. November 4, 2:00-4:00 pm Sunday – Newtown and Beyond Opening Reception

Special note – Newtown and Beyond Exhibit

In the news

  • New release of Member Profiles page. Easy to share your information and a photo of you. View page using the upper right “Members” menu then choose “Member Profiles”. Scroll to the bottom of the profiles page for how to add your info.
  • New release of Member Galleries page. The page now shows a different random photo from each gallery every time it is viewed. Scroll to the bottom of the galleries page for how to create or modify your gallery.

Congratulations to our “Nature” Competition – Sep 27, 2018 competition winners!

A Great Branch for the Nest

© Anne EigenA Great Branch for the Nest

It's My Food!

© Chane CullensIt’s My Food!

You for me, Babe

© Margaret LeeYou for me, Babe

Focused on What's Ahead

© Rhonda CullensFocused on What’s Ahead

The Whole Johnson Falls

© Darrell HarringtonThe Whole Johnson Falls

Colorless Sunwapta Falls

© Darrell HarringtonColorless Sunwapta Falls


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