2015 Sep – Newtown Arts Festival

Photographs of Newtown Score During Arts Festival

It should have come as no surprise that pictures from Newtown’s most beloved attractions gained a lot of attention at the Flagpole Photographers booth during the Newtown Arts Festival on Saturday, September 19th, and Sunday, September 20th.

Many visitors stopped to marvel at the photographs on display or to flip through several boxes of different prints from all over the world, but the only ones that successfully found a new home were the ones taken just outside most town resident’s doorsteps: the Flagpole, Ferris Acres Creamery as well as the Newtown Bee building.

However, the main purpose of the booth was to inform people of the club’s meetings and ongoing programs through the year. During the two-day event members enjoyed talking to interested fellow photographers, and hopefully we will have the pleasure to welcome one or several of them as new members of the club.