View All of Your Uploaded Photos

Review Uploaded Photos

Over the last couple of years, you have probably uploaded dozens of photos. Easily view all of the photos you have uploaded for competitions, member galleries, blog posts …

  • Nobody else can see your photos. Only the logged in user’s photos are displayed
  • Includes when and why you uploaded
  • You can’t delete, change or alter the photos.

How to view from the home page

Step 1 – Log In – Menu Members, then choose Log In

Step 2 – View your uploaded photos – Menu Members, then choose Your Uploaded Photos

Main screen

Gallery Info Example

Competition Info Example

  • Line 1 – Your Name
  • Line 2 – Name of the competition, then the competition date, then the category name
  • Line 3 – When the photo was uploaded, then the title of photo, then the score
  • Not all photos have titles or scores. For example, files uploaded to your member gallery will not have a score. Also, a photo’s score is not always around 18 to 30. When we have a dozen judges (like the Oxford Green interclub competition, scores tend to be around 100.
  • Events in the 2017 – 2018 season have very basic titles and categories.