Newtown Lions Club Board looking for photos

The Newtown Lions Club Board is creating a brochure “Newtown Lions Tour of Newtown.” They would like Flagpole Photographers members to donate photos for possible inclusion. If you want to submit any photos, email them to Rhonda Cullens at by April 11. Below is a list of the photos they are looking for. 

I have raised questions about our photos’ copyright protection on the web and they have agreed to list photographers’ names on their photos. They also have an IT expert looking into protections, including removing the right mouse key pop up feature.

The bold items are the ones they don’t have any photos of and are the most needed. Photos for any subject may be submitted though.

  1. Cover – View from Castle Hill
  2. Flagpole – Preferably from Church Hill Road showing the entire flagpole
  3. Meeting House
  4. Newtown Savings Bank 
  5. General Store
  6. Edmund Town Hall
  7. Inside the Movie Theater – New seats Lions Fund drive
  8. Edmund Town Hall Mural
  9. Flags lining Main Street
  10. The Great Pumpkin Race
  11. The Labor Day Parade
  12. War Memorial Monument on Main Street
  13. Halloween Night on Main Street
  14. Matthew Curtis Historic House – inside or outside
  15. The Bee
  16. Houses on Main Street
  17. Christmas luminaries – Newtown Center
  18. The Pleasance
  19. The Lion’s Club Pootatuck Park Duck Race
  20. The Lion’s Mustang Raffle
  21. Fairfield Hills – Also looking for an aerial view
  22. Rt.302 American Flag on Trees
  23. Booth Library – Also looking for inside shots
  24. Salvation Army Bell ringing
  25. Orchard Hill
  26. Earth Day, Lose the Litter
  27. Health Fair – Blood Drive, Eye glass collection