Managing Your Member Profile

What is a member profile?

All current members are allowed to create a personal profile. These profiles are visible to all visitors. Members add whatever info they want. The profile is automatically created as soon members start adding info.

Editing your profile

Sign in by clicking “Sign In” in the Members menu at the top of every page.

Return to this page. Then click Edit My Profile.

  1. Scroll down to the Contact Info section
  2. Update the “Website” field. This might be a URL to your personal website or a Facebook page or whatever.
  3. Use the “Biographical Info” field for additional info that appears in the member card’s Info popup.
  4. To set a profile picture, go to our Member Upload page and choose “Member Profile Photo” to upload your picture.
    • Do not use the “Profile Picture” – “You can change your profile picture on Gravatar” functionality on the Edit Profile page.