Photo Display Aims at Finding Homes for Shelter Animals

The Flagpole Photographers Camera Club, Sandra Lynn Photography and the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission have joined together to present images of the dogs and cats at the Newtown Animal Shelter in an effort to spur adoptions. The photographs, which will be replaced as animals are adopted and others become available, will be in a permanent location in the Newtown Municipal Center located at 3 Primrose St, Newtown, CT. The Adoptable Animal Gallery will be near the Simpson Street entrance to the building.

The four dogs and twelve cats currently available for adoption were photographed by professional photographer Sandy Schill of Sandra Lynn Photography who donated her services. Ms. Schill is also a member of Flagpole Photographers. Accompanying commentary on the animals was done by Laura E. Lerman, Chairman of the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission. Rhonda Cullens, of The Flagpole Photographers Camera Club, coordinated the project.

The Newtown Animal Control Division and Shelter is located off Trades Lane on the Fairfield Hills Campus. An appointment can be made to view prospective pets by calling Animal Control Officer Carolee Mason at 203-426-6900.

Animal Shelter Photos
Photo by: Amelia Schill

L-R Rhonda Cullens, Flagpole Photographers Exhibits Chairman; Laura Lerman, Newtown Cultural Arts Commission Chairman; and Sandy Schill of Sandra Lynn Photography stand next to a new exhibit at the Newtown Municipal Center encouraging animal adoption from the Newtown Animal Shelter.