Repeat Victory – Flagpole Wins Interclub Competition vs Oxford Greens

In the second annual “Oxpole” 1-1 Digital Interclub Competition held Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at Oxford Greens, Flagpole Photographers walked away with the top honors. Judge Megan Crandlemire, 52 Magic Mondays, delivered terrific comments on every photo and kept us on the edge of our seat with every decision. In the final tally, Flagpole Photographers Camera Club received the winning nod more times than Camera Club of Oxford Greens.

Twenty-five categories had been agreed to between the two camera clubs and then each club selected one photo to represent their club in every category match-up. All photos had to have been taken by a club member and no member could have more than two photos in the final competition. 

Over 60 people were present to watch the competition and cheer for their favorite photo and team. Following the competition, the attendees were treated to pizza and salad.

While Flagpole celebrates their repeat victory, Oxford Greens vowed to deny us a three-peat! 

Autumn Leaves

Autumn – © Charlie BatchelderAutumn Leaves – OxPole winner

Bald Eagle-Sitka Alaska

Birds – © Doug BilinskiBald Eagle-Sitka Alaska – OxPole winner

Never Forget

Bridges – © Darrell HarringtonNever Forget

Oil on Water - Yellow, Magenta, and Blue

Circular – © Charlie BatchelderOil on Water – Yellow, Magenta, and Blue

Clouds in Ireland

Clouds – © Rhonda CullensClouds in Ireland – OxPole winner

Doors of Inclusion

Doors – © Wendy BeiermannDoors of Inclusion – OxPole winner

Wolves and Eyes

Eyes – © Erik LandegrenWolves and Eyes – OxPole winner


Fashion – © Erik LandegrenCayléne

Sunset Dreams

Field of Dreams © Chane CullensSunset Dreams – OxPole winner

The Fog #1

Fog & Mist – © Jim TalarinoThe Fog #1

Lava Lamp in Glasses

Glass – © Jessica LeffelmanLava Lamp in Glasses – OxPole winner

Cuba Car 50 Years Old

Imperfection – © Micheline WilliamsCuba Car 50 Years Old – OxPole winner

Lighthouse at Sunset

Lighthouse – © Chane CullensLighthouse at Sunset – OxPole winner

Colorful Locks

Locks – © Rhonda CullensColorful Locks

Fantasy Island and Rising Tide

Long Exposure – © John MunnoFantasy Island and Rising Tide – OxPole winner

Purple Mountain Majesty

Mountains – © Sandy SchillPurple Mountain Majesty

Pelican Pano

Panorama – © Patty MacInnisPelican Pano – OxPole winner

Sweet Ride

Puddles – © Sandy SchillSweet Ride – OxPole winner

A river runs through it

Rivers – © Darrell HarringtonA river runs through it – OxPole winner

Palouse Farm

Road Less Traveled – © Jon GordonPalouse Farm – OxPole winner

Iridescent Red Spool

Simplicity – © Jim TalarinoIridescent Red Spool – OxPole winner

Sunset Ride

Sunset – © Patty MacInnisSunset Ride – OxPole winner

Subway Lone Traveler

Transportation – © Micheline WilliamsSubway Lone Traveler – OxPole winner

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Trees – © Jon GordonAncient Bristlecone Pine – OxPole winner

Metal Waves

Wavy – © Mark AshboltMetal Waves – OxPole winner


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