Flagpole Wins Interclub Competition vs Oxford Greens

Flagpole vs Oxford Competition – Chuck Fleischman of Oxford Greens (left) presents the winning trophy to Flagpole’s president, Mark Ashbolt. Photo by: Rhonda Cullens

In the first annual “Oxpole” 1-1 Digital Interclub Competition held Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at Oxford Greens, Flagpole Photographers walked away with the top honors. Judge Tom Peterson, president of the Heritage Village Camera Club, said “there were 50 great photos in this competition and in some cases there was only a fraction of a point difference between the two photos.” In the final tally, Flagpole Photographers Camera Club received the winning nod 16 times compared to the Camera Club of Oxford Greens’ 9 category wins.

Twenty-five categories had been agreed to between the two camera clubs and then each club selected one photo to represent their club in every category match-up. All photos had to have been taken by a club member and no member could have more than three photos in the final competition. 

Over 60 people were present to watch the competition and cheer for their favorite photo and team. Following the competition, the attendees were treated to pizza and salad.

While Flagpole was the first club to take home the newly designed trophy, Oxford Greens vowed they will be back even stronger next year! 

Chane Cullens and Scott Hudkins set up the equipment while Chuck Fleischman looks on
Sandy Schill, Jessica Tell, Rhonda Cullens and Linda Lubinsky enjoy food and conversation
A group from Oxford Greens visit after pizza
Flagpole vs Oxford Competition
Judge Tom Peterson had some tough calls to make
Intermission stretch
The final category shown – “Kitchen Knives”
The winner of the final category and the competition is Flagpole Photographers; 16 to 9
Winners list by category and the final score
The presentation of the trophy to the winning team

Photos above by: Chane and Rhonda Cullens

Congratulations to the 25 category winners from Flagpole that represented our club vs. Oxford

Big Game Doug Bilinski
Elk on Alpine Tundra
(Also won vs. Oxford) 
 Chairs Hannah Munroe
Don’t Let Anything Stand in Your Way and Do It with Style
(Also won vs. Oxford)
 Cityscapes Charlie Batchelder
Brooklyn View
 Excitement Darrell Harrington
(Also won vs. Oxford)
 Food Phil Keane
Somebody hand me a spoon…please
(Also won vs. Oxford)
 Geometric Shapes Erik Landegren
Newtons Cradle
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Graveyards Rhonda Cullens
The Resting Place
Harbors Chane Cullens
Inspired by Frank Sinatra Songs Darrell Harrington
New York New York
Kitchen Knife Chane Cullens
Slicing Vegetables Reflection
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Leading Lines Rhonda Cullens
Roll Out the Barrel
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Metal Charlie Batchelder
Three Pieces of Iron
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Models Erik Landegren
The Artist
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Monochrome Portraits Mark Ashbolt
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Night Sky Darrell Harrington
Stars Above the Clouds
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Old Mark Ashbolt
Out of the Camera Sue Bonacci
Sarasota Ibis
Photojournalism Jonathan Gordon
Mandalay Begging Child
Reflections Linda Lubinsky
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Sports Action Rhonda Cullens
The Kayaker
Still Life Charlie Batchelder
Oreos and Milk
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Stone Walls Mark Ashbolt
Stone Wall
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Three Hannah Munroe
Three Girls Interconnected and Independent
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Underwater Erik Landegren
Portrait Under the Surface
(Also won vs. Oxford)
Waterfall Jonathan Gordon
Svartfoss Waterfall