Flagpole Photographers Soar to New England Camera Club Council Class A in Nature & Monochrome!

Huge congratulations to our Flagpole Photographers on their outstanding performance at the New England Camera Club Council Interclub Digital Competition! Held on April 27th, 2024, and hosted by the Greater Lynn Photographic Association, this event saw the talents of Robyn Abrams, Rhonda Cullens, Terence de Giere, Darrell Harrington, Sandy Schill, Jeanne Shaw, and Katie Slawitschek shine.

We are beyond thrilled! Thanks to our incredible Class B Nature results, we’ve earned a well-deserved promotion to Class A Nature for next year’s competition. And that’s not all – our stunning second-place finish in Monochrome has also secured us a spot in Class A Monochrome. Get ready for even fiercer competition next year, Flagpole!

  • Spring Results
    • Monochrome – 1 point lower than third place
    • Class B Nature – 1st Place
    • Class A Color – 1 point lower than third place
  • 2023 – 2024 Season results
    • Monochrome – 2nd Place
    • Class B Nature – 1st Place – next in Class A Nature
    • Class A Color – 4 points lower than third place

Flagpole’s Award Winning Photos

Additional details on other clubs at http://www.neccc.org/p/interclub-competition.html