Connecticut Association of Photographers – TOPS in CT Competition 2018 Results

Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP) recently held their “TOPS in Connecticut 2018” Competition. There were a record 734 photographs entered into the competition by 125 Connecticut photographers. A team of three judges then selected the Top 101 photos. These final top photos will be shown with commentary at the CAP Dinner and presentation on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at the Whitney Center, 200 Leeder Hill Drive, Hamden, CT 06517. 

Flagpole Photographers members were awarded many of the top honors in this statewide competition including Best in Show, by Erik Landegren with his photo titled, “Hand-warmer.”

Flagpole members winning other top awards:

Best Creative: “I’m out of here” by Erik Landegren

Best Monochrome: “Once Upon a Time” by Anne Eigen

Best Nature: “Mine!” by Sandy Schill

Judges Choice: “Ghost Writer” by Rick Tyrseck

Other Flagpole members photos that placed in the Top 101:

Xitang, The Venice of China by Rhonda Cullens

Catching Some Air by Rhonda Cullens

A Great One for the Nest by Anne Eigen

Beautiful Emilie by Erik Landegren

Oops, our cover is blown by Erik Landegren

Oreo – a picture in picture by Erik Landegren

We Remember by Sandy Schill

Yellow Rose by Sandy Schill

Golden Sunrise by Rick Tyrseck

See the CAP blog post for the Award Winning Photos