2016 May Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners!

Assigned subject “Shoreline”

1st 2nd 3rd
2016-05_PRINT_Darrell-Harrington_Lake-lillinonah 2016-05_PRINT_Luise-Gleason_The-City-Of-Dreams 2016-05_PRINT_John-Kwasnik_View-from-Hammonasset-State-Park
Darrell Harrington
Lake Lillinonah
Luise Gleason
City of Dreams
John Kwasnik
View from Hammonasset
State Park

Open Color Class A

1st 2nd 3rd
2016-05_PRINT_Charlie-Batchelder_Urn-and-Fruit 2016-05_PRINT_Darrell-Harrington_What-a-Ride 2016-05_PRINT_Jim-Talarino_67-Vette-Fuel-Cap
Charles Batchelder
Urn & Fruit
Darrell Harrington
Need a Ride
Jim Talarino
’67 Vette Fuel Cap

Open Color Class B

1st 2nd  
2016-05_PRINT_Kristie-Petershack_Secret-Whispers 2016-05_PRINT_Lucy-Gainsback_Singular-Splendor 2016-05_PRINT_Ed-Poteet_Bee-in-Blossom
Kristie Bell Petershack
Secret Whispers
Lucy Gainsback
Singular Splendor
Ed Poteet
Bee In Blossom

Open Monochrome

1st 2nd 3rd
2016-05_PRINT_Kristie-Petershack_Downtown-Chic 2016-05_PRINT_Rhonda-Cullens_Inspired-by-Ansel 2016-05_PRINT_Micheline-Williams_Mother-Child
Kristie Bell Petershack
Downtown Chic
Rhonda Cullens
Inspired by Ansel
Micheline Williams
Mother & Daughter

Open Digital

1st 2nd 3rd
2016-05_DIGITAL_John-Munno_Awakening 2016-05_DIGITAL_Rhonda-Cullens_Making-Friends 2016-05_DIGITAL_Robyn-E.-Abrams_Lost-In-An-Urban-Web
John Munno
Rhonda Cullens
Making Friends
Robyn Abrams
Lost In An Urban Web


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