2016 Apr Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners!

Assigned subject “Circles”

1st 2nd 3rd
2016-04_PRINT_Erik-Landegren_Newtons-Cradle2 2016-04_PRINT_Charlie-Batchelder_Oil-on-Water 2016-04_PRINT_Rick-Tyrseck_Star-Trails-over-Wildflowers
Erik Landegren
Silver Paint, Black Paint
& Newton’s Cradle
Charles Batchelder
Oil on Water
Rick Tyrseck
Star Trails over
Wild flowers

Open Color Class A

1st 2nd 3rd
2016-04_PRINT_Erik-Landegren_Orange-Sunset 2016-04_PRINT_Charlie-Batchelder_Dry-Goods 2016-04_PRINT_Rhonda-Cullens_The-Black-Swan
Erik Landegren
Fruitful Sunset
Charles Batchelder
Dry Goods
Rhonda Cullens
The Black Swan

Open Color Class B

1st 2nd
2016-04_PRINT_Ed-Poteet_Another-Nautilus 2016-04_PRINT_Jessica-Leffelman_Regal-Ornament 2016-04_PRINT_Linda-Lubinsky_Ill-Be-Just-a-Minute....
Ed Poteet
Another Nautilus
 Jessica Leffelman
Regal Ornament
Linda Lubinsky
I’ll Be Just
a Minute

Open Monochrome

1st 2nd 3rd
2016-04_PRINT_Sandy-Schill_Ying-Yang 2016-04_PRINT_Erik-Landegren_Never-Judge-a-broken-package2 2016-04_PRINT_Luise-Gleason_Rock-n-Roll-Vulture
Sandy Schill
Ying & Yang
Erik Landegren
Never Judge a
Broken Package
Luise Gleason
Rock ‘n’ Roll

Open Digital

1st 2nd 3rd
2016-04_DIGITAL_Chane-Cullens_Enjoying-sunrise 2016-04_PRINT_Sandy-Schill_Dapper-Little-Man 2016-04_DIGITAL_Rhonda-Cullens_Roll-Out-the-Barrel
 Chane Cullens
Enjoying Sunrise
Sandy Schill
Dapper Little Man
Rhonda Cullens
Roll Out
the Barrel


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