2013 Sep Competition Results

Assigned subject “Nature”

1st 2nd 3rd
2013-09_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_Rick-Tyrseck-Great-Blue-Heron_END_ 2013-09 A 2 Doug Bilinski - Backyard Visitor 2013-09 A 3 Sue Bonacci - Sarasota Ibis (1)
Rick Tyrseck
Great Blue Heron
Doug Bilinski
Backyard Visitor
Sue Bonacci
Sarasota Ibis

Open Color

1st 2nd 3rd
2013-09_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_Cindy-Garnett-Gerber-Daisy_END_ 2013-09 C 2 Don Brooks - A Rebound Battle 2013-09_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_Rick-Tyrseck-Sunset-on-the-Farm_END_
Cindy Garnett
Gerber Daisy
Don Brooks
A Rebound Battle
Rick Tyrseck
Sunset on the Farm

Open Black & White

1st 2nd 3rd
2013-09_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_Rick-Tyrseck-Egret_END_ 2013-09 B 2 Darrell Harrington - The Cooper
Rick Tyrseck
Great Egret
Darrell Harrington
The Cooper
Pat Miele
After Effects of

A collection of images from the competition