2013 Oct Competition Results

Assigned subject “Best of Summer”

1st 2nd 3rd
2013-10 A 1 Dave McCarthy - Determination 2013-10_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_Rita-Buonanno-Serenity_END_ 2013-10 A 3 Sue Bonacci - The Water Skier (1)
Dave McCarthy
Rita Buonanno
Sue Bonacci
The Water Skier

Open Color

1st 2nd 3rd
Dickinson Memorial Park Bible and candles 2013-10 C 3 Darrell Harrington - Colorful Brooklyn
Rhonda Cullens
Catching Some Air
Rhonda Cullens
Family Treasures
Darrell Harrington
Colorful Brooklyn

Open Black & White

1st 2nd 3rd
20130801 132647a 60D.jpg 2013-10_PRINT_Cindy-Garnett_TITLE_Stargazer-Lily_END_ 2013-10_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_Mark-Ashbolt-Caution-Wet-Paint_END_
Chane Cullens
Blowing in the Wind
Cindy Garnett
Stargazer Lily
Mark Ashbolt
Caution Wet Paint

A collection of images from the competition