2013 Mar Competition Results

Assigned  subject “Dreamy”

1st 2nd 3rd
Kerns and Larson Wedding Kerns and Larson Wedding
Rhonda Cullens
Young Love
 Rhonda Cullens
Hold On To Your Dreams
Jon Miller
9 year old boy/man with a dream

Open Color

1st 2nd 3rd
2013-03-C-1-Lucy-Lipomi-Headed-for-the-Hills_FILE_2013-03-C-1-Lucy-Lipomi-Headed-for-the-Hills_END_ 2013-03_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_2013-03-C-2-Rick-Tyrseck---Fire-and-Ice_END_ 2013-03-C-3-Maxine-Higgins-Cherry-Blossom-_FILE_2013-03-C-3-Maxine-Higgins-Cherry-Blossom-_END_
Lucy Lipomi
Headed for the Hills
Rick Tyrseck
Fire & Ice
Maxine Higgins
Cherry Blossom

Open Black & White

1st 2nd 3rd
2013-03_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_2013-03-B-1-Rick-Tyrseck---Village-Cooper_END_ 2013-03_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_Micheline-Williams-Cafes-and-Cobblestones_END_ 2013-03-B-3-Bob-Berthier-Kent-Falls-Frozen_FILE_2013-03-B-3-Bob-Berthier-Kent-Falls-Frozen_END_
Rick Tyrseck
Village Cooper
Micheline Williams
Cafes & Cobblestones
Bob Berthier
Kent Falls – Frozen

A collection of images from the competition