2013 Apr Competition Results

Assigned  subject “Rain”

1st 2nd 3rd
2013-04-A-1-Mark-Ashbolt-Caught-in-the-Rain 2013-04-A-3-Jordan-Utter-Rain-Drop
Mark Ashbolt
Caught in the Rain
 Sandy Schill
Grateful for the Rain
Jordan Utter
Rain Drop

Open Color

1st 2nd 3rd
2013-04_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_Rick-Tyrseck-Dawn-at-Raquette-Lake_END_ 2013-04-C-2-Mark-Ashbolt-The-6127 2013-04_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_2013-04-C-3-Don-Brooks-Successful-Jump_END_
Rick Tyrseck
Dawn at Raquette Lake
Mark Ashbolt
The 6127
Don Brooks
Successful Jump

Open Black & White

1st 2nd 3rd
2013-04_PRINT_Info-_TITLE_Micheline-Williams-The-Miracle-of-Life_END_ 2013-04-B-2-Rick-Tyrseck-British-On-The-March.jpg_FILE_2013-04-B-2-Rick-Tyrseck-British-On-The-March_END_
Micheline Williams
The Miracle of Life
Rick Tyrseck
British On The March
Cindy Garnett
Old South Church

Some photographs from the competition